Pepperou Productions, LLC

Why Abby & Mickey is Unique

A play is a play is a play. Metropolitan cities have arts centers or sections of it dedicated to performing arts. Stage theatrical productions started with the Greeks and have endured through the ages. No need to go over that or pore over sleep inducing statistics about stage shows that opened and succeeded, or failed, or had a modicum of success. You know the details...Some succeed wildly, some have moderate success or are critically acclaimed, but are not profitable...some fail miserably. That's the world of theater, and it's not going to change.

What is unique about "Abby & Mickey's Dueling Trolley Tour" is that it's not just a play. It celebrates not only the timeless theme of love found in romantic comedy and music, but it also celebrates the city in which it is staged. No other play can make that claim.

For that reason alone, ‘Abby & Mickey’s Dueling Trolley Tour” will establish its own market…a stage play about the city in which it is held, in addition to its central romantic comedy theme.

People take pride in their cities, and people are curious about their cities, wanting to know more and more. That’s why the tourism industry exists. That’s why in Boston, for example, you have several extremely competitive trolley and bus tour companies (Boston Duck Tours, Old Town Trolley Tours, Boston Super Tours, Grey Line Tours, Upper Deck Trolley Tours, etc)…because the market is big enough for them all to be profitable.

“Abby & Mickey’s Dueling Trolley Tour” is a unique entity as it combines a rollicking fun story with historically accurate and irreverent made up “facts” about the city in which it is staged. It will become a “must see” production in every city in which it will be staged.

Original works of art or performance are the rare birds of the theater. No disrespect meant, but a producer can deliver another production of “Annie” or “Phantom of the Opera” and expect a moderate amount of success. The audience knows what to expect. They’ve seen it before. Their expectations have been met before they buy a ticket…But a new play? With excitingly new unknown actors, nightly improvisations and memorable music created specifically for this city and show? That’s something else entirely different.

“Abby & Mickey’s Dueling Trolley Tour” is that rare bird. A play that is written to and about the city it is being performed in. It is a virtual trolley tour of the exciting sights and sounds that make a city unique. This is a family friendly play for all ages of theater goers, for city dwellers and tourists alike, students and everyday people. Hop on, people, the tour's about to start!