Bob has worked for many years (he claims since dinosaurs roamed the earth) in major corporate fields: Marketing Writing, Technical Writing and as a section manager for a weekly computer newspaper. Companies range from large entities such as Raytheon, Digital Equipment and Compaq to smaller ventures like LavaStorm and Boston Software Works. For the past several years, he’s been in the healthcare field, at Hewlett Packard, Agilent and Philips Healthcare as a writer, customer service liason and database administrator. He is also a certified Project Manager with a PMI Inc accreditation, and has a Screenwriting Certification from Emerson College.Most recently, he became a card-carrying member of the Dramatist Guild of America, #96139.

Currently, Bob is gainfully employed as the weekday bartender extraordinaire for Seasons 52, in Burlington, MA.

Bob is proud of the publications he produced, but there’s more fun stuff to talk about. Bob's goal as a writer is to entertain audiences and in addition to “Abby & Mickey’s Dueling Trolley Tour”, has written five feature film length comedy screenplays and is currently working on number six.

Pepperou Productions is a Limited Liability Corporation formed in Delaware in 2012. It was formed to produce stage plays and feature film productions. “Abby & Mickey’s Dueling Trolley Tour” is Pepperou Productions initial stage production.


Pepperou Productions, LLC

Bob Hamel